are you READY?
Hello!  My name is Troy Titus–Barrow.  I have been in the fitness, health, and wellness industry for over 10 years.  With my extensive background in dance and martial arts, I began teaching large group fitness classes.  Through Group Ex, I found I was able to motivate people and effect change in their bodies – as well as their minds – exchanging tired detrimental lifestyle habits for healthy and energized new ones!

Good health really is so important; the human body is amazingly resilient and years of bad habits can be changed by just moving more!

I take on the role of Health Mentor and see each of our workouts as a step closer to your happier and healthier life.  When we feel good, life is good!  I like to mix up my workouts, drawing from my varied fitness background to create workout programs that are packed full of variety.  I believe that by changing up the workouts clients remain focused and interested.  Let’s work together for a happier and healthier you!
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